National Cadet Corps(NCC)

"The NCC aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens. Further, it aims at creating a pool of organized, trained and motivated youth with leadership qualities in all walks of life, who will serve the Nation regardless of which career they choose. Needless to say, the NCC also provides an environment conducive to motivating young Indians to join the armed forces."

Training of Cadets

NCC was established as a second line of defence, therefore it mostly stressed on military training, particularly Weapon training and Drill. The area of activities and getting knowledge are:
  • General: - History, Aims, Motto, Song, Administration of NCC.
  • Introduction to Services.
  • Drill.
  • Weapon Training:- Rifle, SLR, LMG, Stan Gun, 2” Mortar, Grenade, Pistol, Firing in NCC.
  • Map Reading.
  • Field Craft.
  • Tactics.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Human Body.
  • Hygiene and sanitation.
  • First Aid.
  • Civil Defense.
  • Self Defense.
  • Yogasanas.
  • Military History.
  • Adventure Training.
  • Citizen, Administration, Moral, Man-Management, Leader, Leadership Traits.

NCC Camps

Various NCC Camps are held such as Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC), Basic Leadership Camp (BLC), Pre-Republic Day Camp (PRDC) , Advanced Leadership Camp (ALC), Course at Himalayan mountaineering institute Darjeeling, Para Troopers Camp (PTC), National Integration Camp (NIC), Army Attachment, Republic Day Camp (RDC), Hiking and Trekking Camp, Social Service Camp (SSC), Independence Day Camp (IDC).


Senior Division and Senior Wing: Cadets recruited from colleges fall under Senior Division and are under the command of Associated NCC Officer (ANO)
C-Certificate is the highest recognition of training and qualification of a Senior NCC cadet
B-Certificate is the initial recognition of training and qualification of a Senior NCC cadet
Link for examination applications - ‘B’ & ‘C’ ADMIT CARD

NCC – Activities

Focus is on instilling discipline in the souls of the cadets, besides fostering healthy competition for the ranks, while keeping the greater interest of the nation in mind to create prospective officers for the Armed Forces. The National Cadet Corps is the only organization of its kind, which imparts Leadership, Discipline, Integration, Adventure, Military, Physical and Community Development training to over 13 lakhs youth of the country.

Activities in General

1. Parades are regularly held to train the cadets in foot drill and command, weapon training, field craft, civil defence, map reading etc.
2. Guard of Honour is given on 26th January and 15th August to commemorate the Republic Day and Independence Day of India.

Activities in Camps

1. An Annual Training Camp is held to further enhance and inculcate a feeling of independence in the cadets.
2. Extensive knowledge about devices used in the Army like mines, bridges, nuclear and biological weapons etc. is imparted.
3. Self defence training is also given.
4. Rigorous physical training is provided in the camp with a view to increasing the physical endurance of the cadets.
5. Military training with rifles is also provided.
6. Cultural programmes are also held with a view to improving the cultural and social outlook of the cadets.

Social Activities

1. Various social activities are also organized to encourage the feeling of belonging to the society

Cadets information

Academic Year Wise NCC Cadets Enrolment:(Total Intake is of 100 Cadets)

A.Y I Year II Year III Year
2011-12 50 - -
2012-13 82 18 -
2013-14 19SD+15SW 34 -
2014-15 23SD+14SW 15+15 -
2015-16 20SD+16SW 19+10 19+16
2016-17 22SD+13SW 35 30

Academic Year Wise NCC Cadets Results B & C Certificate Exams

A.Y B Certificate Exam C Certificate Exam
Registered Passed Registered Passed
2011-12 33 18 - -
2012-13 54 41 35 43
2013-14 - - 34 25
2014-15 18+12 29 - -
2015-16 22+13 22+13 17+13 12

Benefits of NCC

NCC is second line of defence. NCC cadets are made to work along with armed force during the war. Being enrolled with NCC, students are directly associated with Ministry of Defence. At the end of each year cadets are entitled of getting a sum of Rs. 700 as allowance.

  • By NCC training, students develop qualities like discipline, social services, team spirit, leadership and building self-confidence.
  • Since NCC training camps are held at different places in the country, cadets get opportunity to visit historical, industrial places and various other social centers. Due to this students widen their horizon and develop ambition to do creative work.
  • NCC cadets are imparted with relevant training which develop national spirit and self-confidence.
  • NCC cadets are attached with Army units every year so that they get acquainted with the Army life.
  • NCC cadets are also trained for Parachuting, Paragliding and Mountaineering.
  • Every year under Youth Exchange Program selected cadets get the opportunities to visit foreign countries.
  • 32 seats are reserved per course in the IMA for the cadets who have passed NCC ‘C’ certificate examination. NCC cadets scoring 50% aggregate marks in graduation with minimum ‘B’grade in ‘C’ certificate examination are eligible for Short Service Commission (NCC special entry scheme) without qualifying CDS written examination. They only have to appear for the SSB interview.
  • NCC trained students are given priority in recruitment in Central Reserve Force and B.S.F. etc.
  • Central and State Govts. as well as many industries/corporate sectors give priority for NCC students.
  • On death or permanently handicapped of a NCC cadet during NCC activities, a sum of Rs.1.25 Lac, Rs.1 Lac respectively is compensated by the NCC welfare society.

NCC Cadets Achievements Event And Prize

The following cadets attended various National and special camps conducted by NCC

Academic year Name of the Camp Prizes Event Name Roll No
2014-15 National Integration Camp at Hyderabad 14/06/14 to 26/06/14 1st Kho-Kho G.Manideepthi Y12CE3219
1st Kho-Kho N.Rajya Lakshmi Y12CE3239
NCC-Day celebrations Camp at secunderabad 15/10/14 to 24/10/14 2nd Drill comptations P.Varshini Y12EE3240
2nd Drill comptations P.Mounica Y12ME3237
NCC Games at DELHI(Kabaddi) 7/10/14 to 19/10/14 1st Kabaddi K.ManikyalaRao Y12ME3225
ALC-II,AGRA 27/12/14 to 7/1/15 1st Rifle Shooting S.Spandana Y12EE3241
2nd Rifle Shooting D.KusumaKumari Y12EE3211
2015-16 Para Cycling Basic course AGRA 30/08/15 to 25/09/15 2nd Parachute jumping V.SandhyaKiran Y12ME3253
2016-17 AJMER Trekking Camp HIMACHAL PRADESH 08/07/16 to 16/07/16 1st Debate and Games Y.Pushpa Y13ME3260
1st Debate V.Vasthsalya Y13CE3257
1st Debate B.Roja Y13CE3203
1st Kho-Kho R. Aruna Y13CE3245
1st Dance G.N.V.Divya Durga Y13EC3219
Pre TSC and IGC 20/07/16 to 29/07/16 1st Rifle Shooting G.Lakshmi Tulasi Y14CE3213
1st Rifle Shooting B.Sesharatnam Y14EC3208
ARMY attachment ICME Center Camp 01/09/16 to 15/09/2016 1st Drill comptations N.v. Sai teja Y13ME3236
1st Drill comptations B. Anusha Y13EC3207
2nd Drill comptations R. Sujatha Y13CE3244
NIC-I Camp 1/10/16 to 12/10/16 2nd Debate S. Chandhrika Y13CS3247

Independence Day Camp 7/08/16 to 16/10/16

Achieved prize from the chief minister of AP Dr.N.Chandrababu Naidu
1st Drill comptations B.V Lakshmi Phani Suma Y13EC3209
1st Drill comptations R.Thriveni Y13EC3237
Phirangipuram camp, Guntur 2/6/16 to 11/6/16 1st Throw ball B.Sesha Ratnam Y14EC3208
1st Throw ball G.Lakshmi Tulasi Y14CE3213
1st Throw ball M.Jnana Sri Y14EC3230
1st Throw ball S.Aruna Jyothi Y14EC3244
1st Throw ball Siri Pujatha Y14ME32O4
ONGOLE CAMP 25/6/16 TO4/7/16 1st Rifle Shooting B.Shesha Ratnam Y14EC3208
2nd Rifle Shooting G.Lakshmi Tulasi Y14CE3213
TSC IGC SECUNDRABAD CAMP 20/7/16 TO 29/7/16 1st Rifle Shooting B.Shesha Ratnam Y14EC3208
2nd Rifle Shooting G.Lakshmi Tulasi Y14CE3213
NATION GAMES CMP AT NEW DELHI 15/10/16 TO26/10/16 2nd Basket Ball B.Thriveni Y14EC3203


Capt. V. Balaji
Assistant.Prof in CSE Dept.
Associate NCC Officer,
ANU College of Engineering & Technology
Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur
Andhra Pradesh – 522 510.
Cell No. : +91 9849551990.

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