Acharya Nagarjuna University a state run University with a rural background was established in the year 1976 by upgradation of the erstwhile Andhra University PG Centre established in the year 1967 with an initial strength of 11 Academic Departments, has grown into a large University offering nearly 60 Academic Departments, including several Self-finance courses, which started operating since 1992. The University has been continuously achieving progress during the past three decades, in terms of introducing new subjects. On the same guideline the University started Acharya Nagarjuna University College of Engineering and Technology in the year 2009 offering five branches (disciplines) in their B.Tech. Progrmme.

ANU College of Engineering and Technology has come under the pursual of National Knowledge Network (NKN) & has been provided 1 GBPS connectivity. Our Institution has interaction with top level IIT’s, IISc’s and Research Organizations like DRDO, ISRO etc. NPTEL video lectures by IIT Professors and virtual class room lectures are a part and parcel of NKN’s Scheme which was initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development New Delhi. The Institution has state of art Laboratories and Library with more than 21,971 books & research journals.

At present College has 5 UG Programmes (CE, CSE, ECE, EEE & ME), 5 PG Programmes (CSE, ECE, EEE, CE & ME) and Ph.D. Programme in all branches. Also offering B.Tech., and M.Tech, PG Programmes for International Students in all disciplines.

Acharya Nagarjuna University College of Engineering & Technology Library (ANUCET Library)

Acharya Nagarjuna University College of Engineering & Technology Library was established in the year 2009 with an initial collection of 10,000 volumes and at present with a potential collection of 21,971 volumes including CDs on various subjects catering to the needs of nearly 1,600 patrons. Till date this Library has nearly spent Rs.50,00,000 (Rupees fifty lakhs only) for purchase of books and for subscribing the journals.

Library Working Hours: Acharya Nagarjuna University College of Engineering & Technology
Library timings 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. on all working days.
Building: Library is located in the ground floor of Western wing of Central Block of ANU College of Engineering and Technology occupying nearly the plinth area of 6,500 sq. ft. The whole Library occupancy is divided into two equal halves. First half is occupied by stack and the second half is occupied by Reading and Circulation area. The main functions of the Library are the Circulation, Reference, Acquisition and Technical.

Course wise Collection and Science & Humanities (including S.C., and S.T., Book Bank Books )

1. Civil Engineering : 3,051
2. Computer Science Engineering : 4,199
3. Electronics & Communication Engineering : 3,733
4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering : 3,632
5. Mechanical Engineering : 3,037
6. Science & Humanities : 4,319

Arrangement & Display of books and Journals

In ANUCET Library Books are shelved according to subject wise in a helpful sequence to facilitate easy location of books sought by the patrons. The library follows open access system. To assist the patron in locations, all kinds of bay & Shelf guides are provided in the Library.
Current issues of Periodicals are displayed on slanted display racks in the Reading Hall. Each Periodical is assigned with a location number. Separate reference collection is arranged in the Reading Hall which provides Text Books, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries and Project Reports, News Papers are displayed on the tables with adequate reading facility

Library Staff

The Library is managed by Documentation Officer, Library Incharge with Professional Computer Operator along with two Library Sorters possessing Library Science qualifications along with other 4 administrative staff. The Library is equipped with mostly wooden moulded chairs and attractive tables for seating and reading purposes and for shelving purpose mostly steel book racks with specified ISI standards are used. CCTV is successfully operating in the Library.

Other Physical facilities

The Library is located in the Western wing area occupying nearly 6,500 sq.ft of Central Block of ANU College of Engineering & Technology. Adequate parking facility is available at the outside of Central Block building for parking all types of vehicles. RO protected drinking water facility is provided within the Library for the sake of Library patrons. Proper care is taken to provide ambience good Ventilation and lighting within the Library to create congenial environment for browsing and reading the Library materials in the Library.

Collection of the Library as on 20-10-2016.

Total Collection : 21,971
Books & Non-Book Material : 21,971
Periodicals: An amount of nearly Rs.85,000 was spent every year for getting 44 periodicals which includes National and International Periodicals. A separate fund in maintained for subscribing Daily News Papers and General Magazines.
Print Versions: 44 Indian Journals and Foreign Journals.

Approximate Year Wise Status Of The Library Collection

Academic Year Total No. of Volumes No. of Books Added Amount Spent Rs. No. of Journals received Amount Spent Rs. Gifts / Gratis / Govt. Books received Total Volumes
2009-2010 10,000 11,00,000 - - - 10,000
2010-2011 10,000 2,415 6,69,687 12,415
2011-2012 12,415 3,865 11,00,670 36 70,245   16,280
2012-2013 16,280 1,653 5,06925 44 61,358 1,197 books received as gift from CDE, ANU 19,130
2013-2014 19,130 34 18,552 44 85,200 32- gifted books 19,196
2014-2015 19,196  405 1,92,609 44 80,698 67- gifted books 19,668
2015-2016 19,668  351 1,03,183 44 85,200 50- gifted books 20,069
20,069   385 1,93,941 Received from Dept of Social Welfare , A.P. 20,454
20-10-16(Till Date) 20,454 565 39 78,850 21,971
     932 Received from Dept of Social Welfare , A.P

Circulation Section: Daily about 300 books are being issued, returned besides, 300 books and periodicals consulted in the Library.
Reference Service: A Separate rack is provided to accommodate Reference Collection in the Reading Hall. On an average about 100 readers consult various reference materials.
Services: Lending, Reference and consultation service for the needy.
Binding: Nearly 250 text books which are in wear and tear condition were bound through outside binders for the convenience of the patrons.
S.C. & S.T. Students Book Bank: There is a separate Book Bank exclusively for S.C. and S.T. students. Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has supplied nearly 1315 text books of various Courses. The S.C. & S.T. students can borrow these books from this Book Bank and can conveniently use them without fine and can return the same after the completion of their Course.
Competitive Examination Cell: There is a separate Cell in the Library. Books are available in this Section to prepare for GATE, Engineering Services, BANKS, APPSC, UPSC and for different Competitive Examinations. These books are not for issue and they are to be consulted within the Library premises only.


General rules

Patrons obtain their Borrower’s Register, while entering and return it, while leaving the Library. Outside Printed materials should not be brought inside the Library. They are to be deposited at the property counter.

Books should not be misplaced/ replaced on the shelves. Books / Periodicals are to be borrowed by the Students and Research Scholars on their tickets in person.

Once any book borrowed will not be renewed to the same borrower, if it is on demand. Books marked not for Loan/Reference / Text collection will not be issued. The Library Incharge may recall any book from the borrower at any time even before the due date under exigencies.

Patrons should check the books for missing pages before borrowing and are advised not to borrow defective books. The last borrower will be held responsible for the defect found at the time of return of books. Attention of the Circulation In-charge may be called to any defects found.

 Patrons are advised to note the Accession Number of the book and their initial with date against each entry in the borrower’s register whenever books are borrowed / returned. Please also enter the ticket number on the date label when the book is borrowed. It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that the counter staff duly signs in their columns of the borrower’s register as a token of issue and return of books.

 Books shall be returned on or before the due date indicated on the date label. Overdue charges will be collected at Rs.1-00 per day on each book returned after the due date up to one month. The intervening holidays up to one month will not be reckoned for calculating overdue charges. Rs.50-00 will be levied as penalty for the books returned after one month. After the second month the cost of the book / periodical or Rs.100-00 whichever is higher will be levied as maximum penalty.

 In calculating the fines, ANUCET holidays, as distinct from vacations and the days on which issue and return of books are not allowed by the Library, will be excluded Whenever a borrower fails to return any book within calendar month from the due date, his borrowing privilege even on his other tickets will be suspended.

a) If the book is not returned within two calendar months from the due date, the cost of the book will be levied as penalty.
b) Borrowers or Patrons seeking exemption from payment of the cost of the book as penalty are required to submit an application through the Head of the Department to the Library Incharge stating the reasons for the delay. The Library Incharge with his remarks shall forward the application through Principal for the Vice-Chancellor’s decision.
c) Whenever a student or a member of the Library is leaving the Institution, the Library Incharge is authorized to issue ‘No Dues Certificate’ by collecting the Maximum Penalty Rs.100/- on recommendations of the Head of the Department concerned. Duplicate NO DUES certificates will be issued on payment of Rs.20/- loss of Library Tickets should be reported immediately in writing. Duplicate tickets will be issued only four weeks after the report, on receipt of the replacement cost @ Rs.20/- per ticket. The Library shall be kept open during vacation. Before leaving the headquarters for vacation. Patrons are requested to see the Library Notice Board for announcements regarding books borrowed by them.
d) Patrons are requested to switch off their mobiles or put in Silent mode while entering the Library.
e) Group Discussions and Chatting in the Library is strictly prohibited.
f) Patrons are request to maintain Silence in Library to avoid inconvenience to the others and they are requested to maintain discipline, decency, dignity and decorum in the Library Premises.
g) Books and note books must be passed through a check in the counter.
h) Patrons are advised to leave the library premises ten minutes before the closing time.

Membership rules

Students and Teaching Faculty of ANU College of Engineering & Technology: Members of the Teaching Staff, Students and Research Scholars shall be admitted as members on the recommendation of the Principal.


Issue of Borrower’s Tickets: Borrower’s Tickets shall be issued to eligible persons as detailed below on receipt of an application with a recent passport size photograph.
Teachers: 6 tickets ( 3 term tickets and 3 fortnight tickets to borrow books and periodicals)
Students: 3 tickets (books only) The tickets issued to a member are not transferable. Books shall be borrowed only in person by the borrower himself. However, members of the teaching staff alone may borrow books on authorization letter sent through other members of the Library. Reference collection declared to be not for Loan / Text Book collection are to be consulted within the Library premises. Special and rare books which are kept separately may be consulted in the Library with the permission of the Librarian In charge. However, special and quick reference books may be taken to the classrooms of the College by the members of the Teaching Staff during working hours, with the permission of the Library In charge.

Current periodicals may be read only at the place set apart for that purpose. All tickets must be returned to the Library when a reader ceases to be a member or when membership is cancelled. Rs.20/- per ticket is charged for loss of tickets. Loss of tickets should be reported in writing to the Library In charge. One month after verification, duplicate tickets may be issued charging Rs.20/- per ticket on receipt of a written undertaking from the borrower that he would be responsible for books that may be found to have been issued on the tickets reported lost. Original tickets found after the issue of duplicate tickets shall not be used and they must returned to the Library In charge for cancellation.


Strict silence is to be observed in and around the Library and keep the Library premises clean.
Patrons / Members are permitted to take only note books into the Library.
Patrons / Members are not allowed to take any printed material and their personal belongings like vanity bags and closed filed into the Library.
Patrons / Borrowers may keep them in the token counter.
Borrowing books on other’s tickets is not permitted and may result in the cancellation of the tickets of the members concerned.
Books must not be misplaced / replaced on the shelves by the readers .
Staying in groups in the gangways between shelves is strictly forbidden.
Patrons / Members should pass their notebooks through a check in the counter while leaving the Library.
Members must obtain their obtain their borrower’s register while entering the Library as a token of identification and return it while leaving the Library.
Smoking in the Library is strictly prohibited.
Patrons / Members shall leave the Library ten minutes before the closing time.

Professional Staff

Sl.No. Name of the Professional Staff Designation
1 G. Sarat Chandra Babu, M.Sc., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., PGDLAN Documentation Officer / Library Incharge
2 N. Sarada, M.L.I.Sc., M.A., M.A.,DCA., Computer Operator
3 LNSJ Mani Kumari B.A., M.L.I.Sc., Library Sorter
4 P.E. Raja Kumari B .Com., M.L.I.Sc., Library Sorter
5 R. Swethasri B.Com., B.L.I.Sc., Daily wage
6 Sk. Khadar Basha B.Com Daily wage
7 P. Sabari Girish Office Boy
8 B. Rose Mary Sweeper
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