The students have consistent performance in the academic front as well as in other research areas. Many students secured University ranks in their semester examinations. The college has been consistently ranked among the top colleges in Andhra Pradesh since its establishment as per media survey. The college has been in the top under ANU as per examinations results. The college has awarded best performing college in the University in the academic year 2015-16.

Research Centres

  • ANU-GERMI Energy Research Centre
  • ISRO Sponsored Satellite Data Analysis Centre
  • Big Data Analytics Centre
  • Suryamirthra Skill Development Centre (By Ministry of NRD)
  • Network Academy Centre


  • MoUs with Chinese Universities for Academic and Research Collaboration: o Jilin Jianzhu University, Changchun – signed MoU with ANU for exchange of students and faculty in the areas of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering and their related areas .
  • MoU with Sarayu Technologies for Website development
  • Mou with CDAC for internships and projects for PG students
  • MoU with Intel for training students on Internet of Things
  • EOI with APSSDC and GOOGLE for training students on Android App Development.
  • EOI with APSSDC for training faculty on Cloud Computing .
  • MoU with MTutors for creating LMS for 1st year students.
  • EOI with APSSDC for faculty training on Data Engineering.
  • EOI with APSSDC for faculty training on Cyber Security.
  • EOI with APSSDC and Nasscom for faculty and students training on Security Analyst program
  • Skill development programs on Android App Development, Internet of Things in association with Efftronics.

Curriculum Up-gradation of Engineering/ PG Courses

• ANU has revised the Engineering/Management/Computer Applications syllabus in view of the latest technological development from the year 2015-2016 which is applicable for the students admitted during the academic Year 2015-2016 and onwards.

Important amendments in new regulations

  • Introducing semester system from first year itself.
  • Syllabus framed keeping in view GATE and IES syllabus
  • Introducing MOOCs in the curriculum
  • Introducing internship in the third year
  • Introducing project training in all the engineering courses as a part of their curriculum
  • Introducing communication skill from first year itself
  • Introducing Gap year concept
  • Introduction of Japanese language as credit course for BTech/MBA students and COP course for other students. Certificate and Diploma courses in Chinese and Arabic Languages
  • Establishment of ANU Centre for English and Foreign Languages

Mandatory apprenticeship in engineering course

  • In new Course Curriculum, internship/ apprentice-ship is made mandatory for 4 weeks during third year summer.
  • Every student must undergo internship for at least 4 weeks during the end of III-II, i.e. in summer break. A detailed report must be submitted by student duly attested by internal and external supervisors. 2 credits are awarded for internship performance which is included in IV-II
  • Companies for doing internship are identified by the concerned departments and students are allocated accordingly.
  • Students shall submit a comprehensive report on work done during internship.
  • Evaluation is made by both internal and external guides.

Industry Ready Initiatives

  • Encouragement for the startup ideas is done by the startup center.
  • Regional Center for Jawaharlal Knowledge Centre (JKC) of Institute of Electronic Governance. Government of Andhra Pradesh was established in university campus for training and placements.
  • Training in Web Technologies, MATLAB, Cyber Security and Big Data.
  • Industry Ready Programs relevant to the different streams have been implemented right from the II year itself and it’s an ongoing process.
  • Students undergo continuous training programme to be aligned with Corporate Environment.CRT training for 3rd and 4th year students
  • Continuous training to upgrade the Communication and Interpersonal Skills with the setup of Communication Skills lab.
  • Introduction of Japanese language from the 1st year.
  • Compulsory Mini Projects and Industrial Visits in final year.
  • Encouraging the students to apply for the Defense services.
  • Students involve in the research centers and gain research experience.

Co-curricular Activities

  • Cultural and social awareness programs with different activities like Music, Dance, Painting, Social and Political Awareness, Animation, games etc.., being conducted.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in various social activities like NSS, NCC and activities related to local NGO’s.


  • Several students have undergone Oracle Certification programme.
  • JKC registered students have undergone DB2 Certification programme.
  • Many students undergone MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) Certification


  • Short term training at VTPS, Vijayawada.
  • Internship at IJM & JMC- Vijayawada, Steel Plant –Vizag, Effetronics-Vijayawada

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