History and Archaeology

Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Dean Prof. J. Sitaramamma
College University College of Arts, Commerce & Law- Departments / Centres
Established Year Started as Ancient History & Archaeology in 1971 and renamed as History and Archaeology since 1985
Email hisarc@anu.ac.in
Website http://nagarjunauniversity.ac.in
Head of the Department Dr. E. V. Padmaja
Telephone No. 0863-2293189.Ext.-160
Ph.D awards 24
MPhil awards 65
Courses Offered M.A. History; M.A. in Ancient History & Archaeology; M.Phil & PhD
Sanctioned Intake 1) History 20 (General)+ 5 (Payment) =25 seats 2) Ancient History & Archaeology 20 (General) + 5 (Payment) = 25 seats.


The Department of History and Archaeology was initially started in 1971 as the Department of Ancient History and Archaeology in Andhra University P.G. Center campus. As this course pattern required field orientation, compulsory field work on different aspects is also incorporated in the course component. In course time in 1985 M.A History component was started and since then the name of the Department was changed as History & Archaeology. The department began offering two postgraduate courses i.e. History and Ancient History & Archaeology. The department offers M.Phil. And Ph.D. courses in both branches under Full time/Part time/ FIP/ Extra - mural History Students are trained in all related subjects like national, regional, european and contemporary histories while Archaeology Students are trained in Pre-history, art and architecture and epigraphy. The Dept has produced 24 PhDs and 65 M.Phils, comprising work on different specializations. Since 1999 onwards the department has introduced tourism component in its course structure to both the courses to make it more viable to suit the job-oriented studies. Ever since the inception of the department in 1971, it has earned name as advanced center for study of Archaeology. Hence, so many students form the department got appointments in Archaeological Survey of India, State Department of Archaeology & Museums Hyderabad, Museums run by private agencies etc. The appointments at present range to Superintending Archaeologists to technical Assistants in Archaeological Survey of India and Deputy Directors to Technical Assistants in State Department of Archaeology. Many trained post graduates from the department have become Lecturers, Readers in Degree / College and some become Teachers. Besides these several students of the department are serving the government and Banks in administrative positions and a few are appointed in different private organizations. As per the available statistical data, all the students barring a few got settled in different organizations and are earning their livelihood. The field oriented studies in Ancient History & Archaeology are providing enough opportunities to get positions in the departments of Archaeology & Museums while the History students in different colleages and in various organizations. With the introduction of the studies in Tourism in the Department, it is expected that more openings will come to the students who complete their studies in History & Archaeology department of Nagarjuna University.

Particulars of Teaching staff

Name of the teacher Designation Qualification
Dr. S. Murali Mohan Professor M.A
E.V. Padmaja Asst. Professor M.A
Dr. Kambapu Venkateswara Prasad Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr.P.Sudhakar Assistant Professor M.A., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. N. Sai Babu Guest Faculty M.A
Dr. G. Mannepalli Guest Faculty M.A

Details of MOU

University /Institute/Industry MOU entered
Date of signing of MOU
Purpose of MOU
1) A.P.State Achieves & Research Institute, Hyderabad.
Academic Interraction
2) Sri Shankheshwar Parshwanath Giriraj Trust, Vijayawada,
Academic Interraction
3)Society for Integrated Development in Urban & Rural Areas, Hyderabad.
Academic Interraction
4) United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India, Chennai.
Academic Interraction
5) Archaeological Survey of India, Hyderabad.
Academic Interraction
Research Activities    
Ancient History. Medieval History Modern History. Pre & Proto History. Art & Architecture. Epigraphy. Women's History Tourism
Academic Achievements    
1. Conducted excavations at Nambur, Kambampadu, Tellapadu, Gandlur and salvage operations at Srisailem submergible area. 2. Conducted explorations and brought to light several paleolich, Neolithic and Megalithic sites. 3. Several Epigraphs and Temples were brought to light. 4. Services of many personalities and organisations are brought into limelight. 5. Contributiions of women and dalits are focussed on. 6. Work on Church Histories is going on .