Human Resource Management (HRM)

Faculty Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies
Dean Prof. V. Chandra Sekhara Rao
College University College of Arts, Commerce & Law- Departments / Centres
Established Year 1994
Head of the Department Dr. V.Tulasi Das
Telephone No. 0863 2346506, 507, 508
Ph.D awards 35
MPhil awards 48
Courses Offered MHRM, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Sanctioned Intake 35


Human Resource Management has been gaining a monumental place in the growing corporate world expecially in the age of globalisation. In fact, HRM has evolved to be the determining factor for success or otherwise of the corporate entity. Against this backdrop, the universities, the seats of higher learning are forced to tune and adopt themselves with this marked phenomenon in the field of management. Acharya Nagarjuna University has appreciably responded to this vibrant and paradigm shifts in the domain of Human Resource Management and started the Department of HRM, in the academic year 1994 itself. The Department of HRM owes a debt of gratitude to Bommidala International Trading Company, Guntur, has donated Rs.20 Lakh as endowment fund for the establishment of the department with all necessary amenities. As was predicted, the course has been faring well with an overwhelming response from the society.

Particulars of Teaching staff

Name of the teacher Designation Qualification
Dr. Nagaraju Battu Associate Professor MBA, MHRM, M.Sc.(Psy), M.A.(Soc), LLM, M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. V.Tulasi Das Head, Associate Professor MBA, MHRM, BGL, PGDPM, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Research Activities    
The Bommidala Department of HRM is established on 1994 with a vision to become a leader in the field of HRM education. The Department provides students with necessary skills, talents and knowledge to become professional in the current competitive environment. We published 88 articles in National Journals, 34 articles in International Journals. Our faculty attended about 176 National seminars and 51 International Conferences. We have produced 35 Ph.D.s and 48 M.Phil.s. We contributed lot of study material for Distance learning for both Acharya Nagarjuna University and Andhra University. Our faculty is the sole authors of 4 Books, Co-authors of 19 books and articles / chapters published in about 41 books.
Academic Achievements    
We have organised four National Seminars and one International Conference. The themes of the Seminars are more appropriate to corporate world and current relevance. Many of our alumni are working in different capacities in different organisations. At about 4 UGC JRF scholars 5 National Fellowship scholars and 30 scholars are working for Ph.D.s and M.Phil. Our teachers have got best paper publication awards in the occasion of University foundation day celebration. One of our faculty member completed the UGC MRP.