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Prof. Bh. Satyanarayana
DOB:  11/12/1957
DOJ:  8/31/1988
98480 59722
Title of PhD Thesis
Title of Thesis University from which PhDs awarded Awarded Year
Contributions to Near-ring Theory Acharya Nagarjuna University
Areas of Research Interest Algebra/Ring Theory/Near-ringTheory/
Fuzzy Algebra Graph Theory
Research Students Information (Awarded)
Guided Successfully Presently Guided
Ph.D M.Phil Ph.D M.Phil
05 10
At present guiding number of Research Scholars for both PhD/M.Phil:
Research Scholar PhD Research Scholar Mphil
Academic Achievements 1. National Awards/Honors:
CSIR-JRF (1980-82), CSIR-SRF (1982-85),
UGC-Research Associateship (1985),
INSA Visiting Fellowship Award 2005,
ANU–Best Research Paper Award-2006,
AP Scientist Award 2009 (by DST, Centr. Govt., New Delhi, and APCOST, Hyderabad).
Fellow, AP Akademy of Sciences (2010),
Siksha Rattan Purskar (New Delhi, Jan - 2011).
Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award (August, 2011).
2. International Awards/Honors:

Glory of India of Award (Thailand, March 2011)
International Achievers Award (Thailand, March 2011).
One of the TOP 100 PROFESSIONALS (IBC, England, 2011),
Deputy Director General, IBC, England, 2011;
Global Education Leadership Award, Thailand, 2012;
Fellow-ABI, USA, 2012.
International Plato Award (IBC, England, 2012)

3. Got Paul Erdos No. 3.

4. Collobaration distance = 5 with ALBERT EINSTEIN.

5. Selected Scientist (By Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest; and UGC, New Delhi, 2003).

6. Selected Sr. Scientist (By Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest; and Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi), 2005.

7. Visiting Professor, Walter Sisulu University (WSU), Umtata, South Africa, March 26 – April 10, 2007.

8. Visits Abroad: Austria (1988), Hong Kong (1990), South Africa (1997), Germany (2003) Hungary (2003), Taiwan (2005), Singapore (2005), Hungary (2005), Ukraine (2006), South Africa (2007), Thailand (2008), Oman (2012)
(to deliver lectures/Collaborative research work).

9. Attended 15 International Conferences and 31 National Conferences.

10. Published 66 research papers (in Algebra / Fuzzy Algebra / Graph Theory).

11. Authored/Edited 39 books (for B.Com/BCA/M.A/M.C.A /M.Sc. (including a book on Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory, published by Printice Hall of India, New Delhi,2009; and five books by VDM Verlag Dr Muller, Germany)

12. President (2005-2007, 2007-2009), Association for Improvement of Maths Education, Vijayawada.

13. Executive member (2007-2008) of Andhra Pradesh society for Mathematical Sciences, Hyderabad.

14. Hon. President (Life Time), Association for Improvement of Maths Education, Vijayawada, since October 2011.

15. Honorary Editor for the Quarterly Periodicals: “Ganitha chandrica” & “Ganitha Vahini”.

16. Member Secretary and Managing Editor of the Research Journal “Acharya Nagarjuna International Journal of Mathematics & Information technology”.

17. Honorary Editor for the Journal ‘International Journal of Mathematical Computational Ideas’, Andhra Pradesh.

18. Associate Editor for the Journal “Mind Share” (ISSN 2229-4872) (World Education Network)

19. Visiting Fellow at TIFR, Bombay, May 1989.

20. Got 2nd Rank securing 75% of marks in M.Sc., Maths (1977-79), Got 1st Rank in Certificate Course in Statistics, ANU.
No. of Books Published 24  
No. of research articles published/presented since the inception:  
Journals Conferences
National International National International Organized
20 19
Research Collaboration with the faculty of foreign Universities (i) Prof. Dr. Richard Wiegandt, Department of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

Paper Published:
Bh. Satyanaryana & Richard Weigandt “On the f-prime Radical of Near rings”, in the book ‘Near rings and Near fields (Editors: Hubert Kiechle, Alexander Kreuzer and Momme Johs Thomsen) (2005) (Proc. 18th International Conference on Near rings and near fields, Universitat Bundeswar, Hamburg, Germany, July 27-Aug 03, 2003), Springer Verlag, Netherlands, 2005, pp 293-299.

(ii). Dr Godloza Lungisile, Department of Mathematics, University of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa. (Four Papers published with the co-authorship of Dr Godloza Lungisile).

22. Research Collaboration with Faculty of Indian Universities:

(i) Dr Kuncham Syam Prasad, Department of Mathematics, Manipal University, Karnataka. (About 20 research Papers published with the co-authorship of Dr Kuncham Syam Prasad)

(ii) Dr Kudikodi Babusri Srinivas, Department of Mathematics, Manipal University, Karnataka. (three research Papers published with the co-authorship of Dr Kudikodi Babusri Srinivas)

(iii) Dr Dasari Nagaraju, Department of Mathematics, Manipal University Jaipur, Jaipur. (Ten research Papers published with the co-authorship of Dr Nagaraju)

(iv) Prof. Dr. S. Sreenadh, Department of Mathematics, SV University, Tirupathi. (One research paper published with the co-authorship of Prof. Sreenadh).

(v) Prof. Dr. Thota. Sreenivas, Department of Mathematics, Kakatiya University, Warangal. (One research paper published with the co-authorship of Prof. Srinivas).


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